I provide online consultations, the first of which will be to asses if I can help. Should we decide to speak again, we can arrange a suitable time and length of consultation by way of a donation. For the record, all ‘Know1Self’ profits go to supporting charities as outlined on the ‘GIVING BACK‘ Page of this website.

How I can help…

It may be best to have a look at some of the testimonials and/or the guestbook page and read or hear what people have to say about what I do and how I have helped, but if I was to describe what I can do for people, I would say that I enable people to see a different perspective…I awaken them to the fact that they are not who they thought they were (and that things aren’t always what they seem on the surface) and guide them to answer the age-old questions “who am I?” and “why am I here?” I also help you navigate the territory of your mind and your thoughts and through our communications, you will become aware of just how important this is. I will simplify all that you need to know to see yourself as you really are and to realise your true potential. I can do this relatively quickly or at a pace that you’re comfortable with.

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NOTE: By donation with all profits going
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