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There really aren’t words to express what George has done for me…he has completely transformed my life.

During our first conversation he was able to break down who I was and the challenges I was facing…even though I was not willing to open up as yet…he just knew. Once I realised that there was nothing I could hide, I opened up and all I can say is that he ‘found me’ somewhere inside. It was like I met myself for the first time.

What George shares is priceless. It’s difficult to explain because I wouldn’t know where to start. Just believe me when I say you have to talk to this guy…only then, will you know what I mean.

Forever grateful to you George.

~ Mathew

I first spoke to George a few years ago now. I am the typical 30 something male; very sceptical and don’t buy into anything ‘airy fairy’, so George had his work cut out for him, or so I thought. All I know is that everything he said simply made sense…there was nothing I had to believe and nothing at all ‘airy fairy’…there was actually nothing I could refute. He really knows his stuff…you quickly realise that he has done the work. He’s so down to earth that I soon found myself hanging on every word.

George has always been there when I needed someone to talk to about whatever was happening at that point in my life (this was before he accepted donations for his service) and I have always walked away feeling enlightened, happier and knowing what I needed to do about the situation. Even though George would never give me the answer, much to my dislike.

Needless to say, George has really turned my life around and made me “aware”.

I know other people that George has helped and can highly recommend him to help anyone with anything.

Thank you George for everything you have done for me.

~ Marcus

George has a special knack at reading, reaching out and connecting to others. This ability brought us together and his kind, gentle and compassionate nature allowed for our connection to flourish. His guidance was selfless and insightful and aided my journey of personal awareness and growth. But the biggest gift he bestowed on me is recognition that the beautiful qualities George possesses himself – things most of us yearn for or aspire to and can set us free – are also within me! Thank you George for showing me what is possible.
Much love XOXO

~ Marta

George has had a big part to do with who I have become today and I owe him so much!

He has given me many tools over the years to cope with the challenges of life we all face. Awareness being one of those key things!

I was my worst enemy for such a long time, so hard on myself and so angry. Am still working on everything but doing much better with the new found understanding of myself.

I’ve also learned how to think (and not think). George’s ability to explain the workings of my mind has meant that I’m now in so much more control of my thinking.

All that George has taught me makes me remember that we are all in this together and that we all have the source within us….we just have to recognise it!

~ Ryan

I have known George since 1992. He has become my mentor from day 1 and still is. What attracted me to George when we first met was that he surprised me by freely offering private business info that most people would not offer you even if you have known them for years. I remember the conversation continued beyond business and he opened his heart from that very first meeting. We became best friends from that day on.

George has changed my life forever. I can honestly say that George has helped me be the person I am now…a better human being. The knowledge he has shared with me has led to so many positive changes for me. He showed me that the complicated things in my life aren’t so complicated when you break it down. My outlook in life was always negative…I would see every outcome in every situation as negative. I now see every situation as positive. I am teaching my children the same.

I could go on and on but basically George opened my eyes in a way that means that I never have to be anxious or fearful…I know that I have the tools to handle anything.

If you get to know him you will quickly notice that he always puts others before himself…another great example for me.

Simply put, the information that he will share will take you towards the person you would really want to be…and for some of you, the person you could never have imagined. Either way, prepare to be surprised!

~ Darin

The very fact you are reading this testimonial may mean that the real YOU is yearning to be set free. The authentic You, (call it what you want…your soul, your God-like Self, the grandest version of You) knows the truth and can no longer be contained within your conditioned understanding, your perspectives and your learned beliefs. The reason I say this is because I once stood where you are now…searching and knowing that there had to be more to life.

This is where George comes into the picture. He has helped me transform my understanding and hence my life. Where I used to find myself anxious about the future, I am now completely relaxed and at peace in the present moment. I have learned about “intention” and how to achieve whatever it is I would like to have happen without any attachment to the outcome. I have learned to love myself unconditionally, which for me means that I no longer harbor any guilt, anger, shame, or any negative thoughts or feelings towards myself or others, which used to constantly bombard me…depress and sap the energy out of me. With this total Self acceptance comes a liberation that goes hand in hand with a constant joy and love for life that I wish everyone could experience. I’ve also learned that ‘It’s all about Me!’ Not in a selfish way, but in a loving way. The most significant change that has occurred with-IN me is that I’ve learned how to be observant of my thoughts, of my emotions and of my actions. This seems paradoxical as I believe most people (including my old self) view this as insignificant. Simply put, I can say that I have achieved results that have left me in awe.

Not so long ago, after thanking him from my heart for all he has done for me, he humbly said, “It was all you! I merely tapped you on the shoulder, turned you around 180 degrees and pointed you in a better direction.”

While I think George is a genius and brilliant at what he does, he applies it in such a simple manner that one wonders why they couldn’t see the writing on the wall for themselves. I believe that there is not a person whom George cannot help, although the ONLY condition for this is that this person genuinely wants the help to change themselves and IS willing to do the work.


Love you always and forever grateful.

~  Zee

I’ve learned so much from George over time and still enjoy our chats some 4 years on! Everything just makes sense and I always feel empowered and in such a good place after we’ve talked. George literally has this incredible ability to relate to, understand and dissect whatever it is we discuss and I can honestly say that although some things are still a work in progress for me, they have definitely been life changing and certainly for the better. I will always be forever grateful George! It’s hard to put into words but your knowledge and how you so easily make sense of everything blows me away! I’ve learned so much about myself with your help and have genuinely enjoyed this journey.

~ C.W.

Without realising, I began asking questions to do with the topic of self discovery from a young age. Growing up I always felt as though there was something to be discovered, I just didn’t know what it was. This began my journey.

Continuing aimlessly along this path, pondering questions and trying to figure things out for myself for the next few years was frustrating and difficult.

A couple of years ago, just when I thought this cycle would only continue in my mind, I spoke to George and, amongst other things, he explained his model of “Self” to me. After our first deep conversation about it, I instantly knew that this was the missing piece which I was searching for throughout my earlier years. I was hooked from this point.

The change which I have observed in myself since beginning my journey with George has been phenomenal. Not only have the grips of the ego loosened, but the depths and understanding of Self have broadened.

I am elated to have been introduced to this path at such a young age. The motivation and drive to continue the journey and unlock new knowledge is just as prominent as when I first began. There is so much more to learn and explore. The beauty of it is that mastering it is a completely different challenge, one that you will be determined to conquer.

~  N.N. 

My encounter with George occurred during what was a very dark period in my life. My discussion with George helped me to view the world with a different mind set, a mindset filled with positivity which essentially allowed me to diverge onto a better suited life path.

I have not yet reached my destination, but with George’s guidance, I have found the strength and perseverance to overcome whatever obstacles life may throw in my way.

Without George’s help, I do believe that I would not be in the place I am today.

~  N.C.

5 years on, meeting my mentor and now great friend George Kizana IS the most defining moment in my life. “I was lost, but now I’m found. Was blind but now I see.”

George has an indescribable ability to teach and articulate in his teaching. This is no surprise as all who have spoken with George know it comes from the heart. He has helped me find what my soul yearned for in it’s earthly existence.

Prior to meeting George I was on a personal journey searching for more from life, a better understanding, a clearer understanding or an understanding at all. Through George I have learned so much, I have learned about ‘SELF’…what it is, what’s REAL and what’s NOT.
I have learned, amongst many other things, how one’s own psychology is a direct contributing factor to daily life. Discovering and befriending one’s own subconscious can make life a magical journey.

For all of us the answers already exist within ourselves, but through our experiences our true SELF becomes dormant and in most cases, never to be awakened. There needs to be a trigger, a spark! Thank you George for being that for me. I am forever grateful.

We all need this in our lives and I wish it for the whole of humanity. We need to change, for “WHEN YOU CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT THINGS, THE THINGS YOU LOOK AT CHANGE”

Thank you George

~ Sam

Working with many different coaches and speakers in the personal development world I found George to be one of the few who was grounded and practical in getting the message across and keeping it real.

~ Elie

Before I spoke to George, I lost my path and mentally struggling. But after speaking to him for 2 sessions he totally transformed my way of thinking and has shown me a beautiful way to live life and succeed.

I Prayed to God: And Meeting George was the answer to my prayers.

I highly recommend

~ Shyam Rath


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